Published Books

A Bush or a Tree... What do you see?

In "A Bush or a Tree… What do you see?" a delightful children's book, readers will follow a young girl named Brie as she learns about the power of trusting her intuition and the importance of thinking for one’s self. Especially when faced with a life scenario when Quinn tries to convince Brie and their friends that a tree is a bush, when in fact it’s not. This book focuses on critical thinking and encourages observation and inquiry to determine the truth, no matter what one may try to say to influence and distort the reality of others. 

“A children’s story that demonstrates the idea of thinking for one’s self, nurturing the little critical thinkers of our future while they navigate everyday life scenarios.” - Ashley Malley 

We Are We!

In a world where people are often categorized by their differences, it's easy to forget the things that connect us all. But this book serves as a reminder that simple kindness is the key to bridging those gaps. Through colourful hearts and heartwarming storytelling, "We are We!" shows young readers the power of empathy, understanding and acceptance. It's a book that reminds us that no matter how different we may seem, we are all very much the same. We all have the ability to be kind to one another and create a more inclusive world through love and kindness.

'A children's story that demonstrates the idea of being kind to all, nurturing the little empaths of our future. Live in Love!' - Ashley Malley

Let Kids Be Kids!

In this delightful children's book, we follow two young children as they play and explore their world, without any pressure to be anything other than themselves. Through colorful illustrations and simple language, 'Let Kids Be Kids' celebrates the innocence, creativity, and resilience of childhood. It encourages children to embrace their unique qualities, rather than conform to external standards or pressures. It also reminds adults to cherish and support the natural exuberance and curiosity of young people.

'Let Kids Be Kids' is a heartwarming reminder that childhood is a precious and magical time, full of possibilities, fun and surprises. So let's allow kids to be kids, and watch them grow into confident, compassionate, and fulfilled adults.

Goodnight Flashlight!

(A Bedtime Story)

This uplifting children's book explores the idea that people are like flashlights, capable of shining bright. Some people's lights shine brighter than others, but everyone's light is important and special. We all have a light inside us that we can shine for the world to see and when we shine our lights, we can help others shine their lights too.

Through vibrant illustrations and a simple, yet powerful message, this book teaches children about the importance of self-love and authenticity. We all have a light inside us, and the brightest light comes from being the best version of ourselves. So let your light shine and be the brightest you!

Shine Bright Flashlights!